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Yukevich | Cavanaugh Law Firm Blog: New Technology at Yukevich | Cavanaugh

Yukevich | Cavanaugh Law Firm Blog: New Technology at Yukevich | Cavanaugh

Friday, July 12, 2013

New Technology at Yukevich | Cavanaugh

YC is now using a new information processing system that we’re excited to tell you about.  It’s called CaseMap, and it’s designed to save you--our client--time and money.

We understand your dual need for affordable legal costs while still getting a thorough, detailed case analysis.  It has always been our top priority to provide that to you.  Now, CaseMap helps us serve you even better in those respects.  With this new information clearinghouse, we are able to:

  • Put all your case facts in one place and link them together, making it easy to see relationships between disparate information

  • Store facts and documents in a logical, convenient manner

  • Enter information once and use it throughout the case

  • Cull critical passages directly from a PDF, Concordance® discovery management software, lexis.com®, or any of 30-plus other best-of-breed applications, including Adobe® Acrobat®, Interwoven® and Worldox® 
  • See how strong your case is during early case assessment and then provide you with fast case organization and reporting
  • Perform powerful case assessment
  • Gain leverage at depositions, hearings, settlement conferences, mediations and trials
Implementation of the program has already begun and our attorneys and paralegals are singing its praises.  We hope that you, too, will soon see the value of this top-notch information gathering system.

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